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At Save America Strategies, we care about our clients’ success. Our approach is to understand their goals and vision deeply in order to craft successful media and outreach campaigns. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


About Save America Strategies

We are Save America Strategies, an America First Political Consulting and Media Agency based in New Hampshire. We are a team of patriotic, passionate and thoughtful storytellers who put immense amounts of effort into producing great results for our clients. Through a wide range of services, we provide strategic guidance by coming up with the right solution for each client we serve.


Real Results

Level Up Your Campaign

At Save America Strategies, we empower America First patriots to take their country back! We employ innovative strategies to tell your story and get all eyes on you. We have had the pleasure of scheduling interviews for our clients with major news networks including One America News, Fox News, Newsmax and more! We have experience launching national movements, quickly gaining thousands of followers across all major social media platforms, political canvassing, launching national groups against Critical Race Theory, rallying voters and so much more.

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